A Dear John Letter – Silicon Valley Version:

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Dear John:

Mr. Doer, Federal law enforcement agents, U.S. Senators, intelligence agency officers, well known journalists, private investigators, your ex-employees, lawyers and others tell us that you:

  •           Ripped-off many people’s intellectual property by having your people ask to look at entrepreneur’s technologies, under the guise of “considering an investment”, when all you wanted to do was spy out things you could steal.
  •           You then rolled out 100% copies of entrepreneur’s technologies under, other names, funded by your operation.
  •           YOU organized the Silicon Valley “No-Poaching Conspiracy” and screwed over quite a large number of workers.
  •           You put plants into entrepreneurs companies. These were “moles” who actually worked for you, and you sent them in to damage and disrupt many small start-up companies because their technology was beating your competing copycat attempts.
  •           You ran a mining commodity scam, with your Russian “business partners” and some crooked senators, to try to take over the lithium and silicon mineral markets working with Elon Musk and the Solyndra crowd.
  •           When you got caught doing that, you put a hit job on the people you didn’t like, using the contract character assassination groups: “Media Matters”, “Think Progress”, New America Foundation, “In-Q-Tel”, “Gawker Media” and people like John Podesta, Lois Lerner and Sidney Blumenthal.
  •           Your ex partners have “Nazi” issues, tax evasion issues, a taking-over-California-beaches issue, a felony issue… and well, let’s just say, you really hang around with a lot of Dicks!
  •           You pretty much destroyed Silicon Valley and turned it into a misogynistic, frat-boy club, abusing, black-hating nightmare of a place.
  •           You caused events, which caused the demise of Gary D. Conley, and other people
  •           You traded “CleanTech” cash for campaign finance conduit schemes and database/search engine rigging in order to manipulate elections using your company holding: Google.
  •           You financed and promoted Steven Chu and Eric Holder into office in order to effect your “CleanTech Kick-Back Scheme”.


We see even more about you that is pretty bad, and pretty well documented in the media. You sound like a pretty twisted guy with some deeply disturbed power-trip motivations.

So here’s the deal. Mobster-like people should, by law, be shut down and run out of town. With the new transparent, open, world that we live in, that now seems pretty do-able.

Let’s see if everybody on the internet, without breaking a single law, can track down every one of your assets, false fronts, off-shore tax havens, illicit deals, political bribes, PAC’s, homes, lovers, videos, victims, lies, public policy manipulations, Russian “pals”, backdoor deals, and every portfolio asset you have on Earth. Let’s see how the shoe fits on the other foot.

Let’s see if the world can tweet all that at hashtag #Johnsxbadguy

Let’s see if they can torrent all of it with keyword: johnsxbadguy-tor

Let’s see if anybody comes up to you, at your next speaking engagement, or restaurant visit, and arrests you in a citizen’s arrest.

Let’s see if the class-action that led to the anti-poaching lawsuit, against your gang, can be re-invoked as a RICO Racketeering lawsuit against your whole company.

The international law enforcement crowd is pretty busy with all of the ruckus in the Middle East. The citizens of the world will now help those beleaguered law enforcement people, by gathering some files on you. After all, your Guistra-esque mining manipulations in Afghanistan, Bolivia and other regions caused some of the very instability, and corruption, that law enforcement now has to deal with.

Well John, this has been fun.

See you in Hell.



The World Outside of Your Douchebag Glass Bubble


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