4 months ago The Investigators Comments Off on “DIRTY” CRIMES FOR “CLEAN” ENERGY: THE AFGHANISTAN LITHIUM SCAM

Latest case assessment summary:

At this point, enough evidence has accumulated to clearly prove that a mining scam was underway involving trillions of dollars of lithium, which Tesla, John Doerr and the Silicon Valley Cartel, 1.) clearly acquired the monopoly ownership of, 2.) at exactly the right moment to time it to the Afghan War, 3.) and place their associate: Steven Chu in office, 4.) and arrange the Dept. of Energy exclusive cash give-aways and 5.) tie in with Goldman Sachs commodity rigging which every suspect has now been shown to have had an operational hand in, and financial & political benefit from.

Solyndra was staged to exploit indium and other related minerals from the same mining deal. Alas, the Afghan War failed, costing U.S. taxpayers (According to multiple news reports) over six trillion dollars, the Republicans found out about the “Cleantech Scam” and dissected it, almost all of the Cartel’s pool of exploitation companies went out of business, the Russian portions went into cold war mode with their U.S. counter-parts and leaks from Dept. of Energy staff broke the cover-up. Senior Federal employees participated in, coordinated and benefitted from the crime.

How many Afghan farmers, soldiers and workers had to die to buy John Doerr his new mansion?

How many Washington DC top brass think they got away with this crime?

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