Thanks to extraordinary work by federal investigators, Congressional staff, news journalists, private investigators and the public, each and every culprit behind the Department of Energy and Silicon Valley Slush-Fund has been hunted down identified, interdicted and placed under financial, law enforcement and political beneficiary surveillance for the rest of their lives. They (Over 220 individuals and corrupt businesses) have been, or are now being:

  • Fired
  • Arrested
  • Sued
  • Indicted
  • Bankrupted
  • Subpoenaed
  • Surveillance Documented With Publicly Released Case Files
  • Stock-crashed Via Public Exposure of Illicit Deeds
  • And otherwise punished for their crimes…

If any of them engage in a single crime, illicit deed, vice squad violation or other socially damaging action, it will be documented and reported to every jurisdictional party!

Over 70% of the criminally corrupt entities have now been interdicted. The Task Force working on this effort will not ever rest until that number reaches 100%. Any suspect can pay the damages they caused, at any time.

100% of the criminally corrupt entities have now been identified.


Special acknowledgement to:

The field agents of The FBI, The GAO, The House Ethics Committee and federal investigation services.

100Reporters, U.S.

Canadian Association of Journalists, Canada

Center for Investigative Reporting, U.S.

Center for Public Integrity, U.S.

FairWarning, U.S.

Food & Environment Reporting Network, U.S.

Fund for Investigative Journalism, U.S.

Global Investigative Journalism Network, international

Institute for Nonprofit News, U.S.

International Center for Journalists, U.S.

International Reporting Program, University of British Columbia, Canada

International Reporting Project (IRP), US

Investigative Fund, U.S.

Investigative Reporters and Editors, U.S.

Investigative Reporting Program, Univ. of California at Berkeley, U.S.

Investigative Reporting Workshop, American University, U.S., U.S., U.S.

ProPublica, U.S.

Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, Brandeis University, U.S.

Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism, U.S.

Local and Regional Groups

Austin Bulldog, U.S.

Broward Bulldog, U.S.

Centro de Periodismo Investigativo, U.S.

City Limits, U.S.

Connecticut Health Investigative Team, U.S.

Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, U.S.

The Frontier, U.S.

I-News Network, U.S.

Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism (IowaWatch), U.S.

Investigative Newsource, U.S.

InvestigateWest, U.S.

Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting, U.S.

MinnPost, U.S.

New England Center for Investigative Reporting, U.S.

Oklahoma Watch, U.S.

Public Herald, U.S.

PublicSource, U.S.

San Francisco Public Press, U.S.

Texas Tribune, U.S.

Texas Watchdog, U.S.

The Lens, U.S.

Voice of San Diego, U.S.

Watchdog New England, Northeastern University, U.S.

Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, U.S.

WyoFile, U.S.


Associazione di Giornalismo Investigativo, Italy

Bureau of Investigative Journalism, United Kingdom

Centre for Investigative Journalism, United Kingdom

CORRECT!V, Germany

The Network: Over 200 million voters, who contribute news leads and wiki-based article editing, supported by the top forensics, intelligence and operations experts in the world via global P2P decentralized cooperation. – No agenda except: “END POLITICAL CORRUPTION!” – Each member is a non-party-affiliated volunteer facilitator and each facilitator is their own boss. Each member commits to never breaking the law and to using the law as creatively as possible for maximized potential. – Supporting 100% legal class-action, civil, small claims and RICO lawsuits against corrupt entities; FBI-class forensic investigation of every executive and investor in a corrupt company; water-fall charting of campaign finances, tax evasion investigations of PACs and illicit expenditures; detailed documentation of all political payola and the beneficiary paths from that payola; public instruction books and workshops in criminal investigation techniques; press conferences; Congressional reports to law enforcement and elected officials; Streisand Effect process development; voter education; forensic analysis of internet media manipulation; illicit family trust shield exposure; stock market payola tracking and political insider trading exposure; the forced bankruptcy of corrupt organizations; on-camera flash reporter question prep; multi-billion dollar stock value drops via public boycotts and the exposure of corrupt executives; full public/private terminations ie: Solyndra, Bill Cosby, Steven Chu, Sony’s Ghostbusters, Amy Pascal, etc; exposure of state and federal fake grant/fake loan programs which are actually crony kick-back programs; the hiring of professional private investigators for political corruption tracking; recall elections and how-to-do-them; tracking of real estate fraud payola to politicians and campaign financiers; investigations of off-shore abuses; global media lists for discussion of corruption investigations; trend amplification; documentation of the use of hookers for bribes, infidelities of public officials and the abuses of employees and volunteers; special-interest media control counter-measures and more…